Monday, April 20, 2009

Sorry we've been away

Sorry one and all that we have been quiet the last couple days, we had an epic bank holiday weekend last weekend and a pretty hectic week. After 2 days of drinking and no sleep i had to do a last minute dj set at some london club, 4 HOURS OF FILTH. Must say i was pretty merkled! 

So to make up for it ive got a bunch of tunes to tide you over the days we were away.....

Proper bait but still pretty banging, im sure there's gonna be a million remix's of this tune by next week. Also check out Doorly's Calvin Harris remix. Another big tune!

Some Fidget (sorry no player)
Rico Tubbs - Respond To Bass

Fucking loving that wobble that Rico's getting at the moment and after a conversation with a friend the other day apparently a fucking nice guy!

Some Electro House
Adam Freeland - Under Control (Miles Dyson Remix)

First track off my 2008 mixtape, pretty old but as they are just about to release it i thought i would keep things current!


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