Thursday, July 22, 2010


A lil' cheeky electro tune mc competition that HypeMan-Sage entered and got through!! unfortunately the people he recorded it with deleted the file and its all being waited to be done again...long

Heres what he had done so far..

Competition demo / Tune produced by Maximus&Baxter (electro ting) by HypeMan-Sage

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sly Fly @ Lovebox Photogallery

So last Friday Sly Fly were invited to drop a couple beats at Londons lovebox festival. We duly obliged and invited SOME and Vagabondz residents Slugz & Boyson down for a little beat battle. Hosted as always by Hype Man Sage.

There were LOADS more pictures but as we were drinking alot of free beer most of the shots are totally out of focus... Heres the best.

Slugz And Boyson

Slugz & Boyson
Me & CoolHand Luke loving a bit of Dj Zinc

Sly Fly branded NewEra's
And first generation Sly Fly T's

EXCLUSIVE - Sly Fly Foals Remix's

So we thought we would be pretty current on Sly Fly today and feature one of the acts announced as a nominee in this years Mercury Music Prize. Foals

Lucky for us this gives us a great excuse to drop some exclusive Sly Fly remix's of Foals single 'This Orient'

We got asked to remix this single about 4 months ago but Warner Brothers ended up going with another mix. We had to hold off releasing these mixes for a while but now they are yours to play loud and enjoy!

First up we have our boy Bangatang. His productions just getting better and better and he has just finished his first E.p which will be dropping on the Sly Fly record label in October. You might have seen Bangatang's other Foals remix floating around the blogs. In case you havent we have also added it below.... Enjoy

Spanish Sahara - Foals (BangaTang Remix) by SlyFly

This Orient - Foals (BangaTang Remix) by SlyFly

Next up we got one of our SOME and Sly Fly faves George Lenton. Check back to an older post we did about Georgy boy to hear one of his amazing mix's. His version of the song was more chilled than his epic dj sets but still as amazing.

We changed thing up with the next remix, went for a bit of a electro house vibe with production being taken care of by the Wall Street Riots Social Society. The west london rock band have a couple of similar mix's out as they work on their first full length album thats currently in production.

This Orient - Foals (WSR Social Society Remix) by SlyFly


Dub'nd then some

Dubstep with some flavour. Have a butchers!

Pist:on DuB by Bear Twists

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Benga & Katy B

So the word on the street is that the first ever dubstep album to go to number 1 is only around the corner...... Magnetic Man are smashing things right now and look like their decision to release a record with a major label is paying off.

We have all sat back recently and watched the meteoric rise of dubstep. 2 years ago we would be talking about dubstep and get a look of confusion from whoever we were talking to. Now things are different. Everyone wants in!

This is both a good thing and a bad thing for the genre. With popularity comes a larger choice, more dj's playing more nights in more cities. Those of us who like loud, dark rooms to watch our fave dj's in cant complain about that.

Leading the way in the production stakes has to be the 'Nicest Man in Dubstep', Benga.

A regular at SOMEnight I cant really say a bad word about the man. Check out a couple of his productions above and below.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Evening Squires, Ladies, Gents. . .

My name is Ruaraid Achilleos, AKA Coolhandluke, a Slyfly and S.O.M.E. DJ for many moons now and avid reader of this blog. I am now going to start a regular post of my own on here full of tunes that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and perhaps even some which turn the stomach. As its Monday (just about) I have decided to name this inaugural post the spectacularly imaginative: ‘Music On Monday’. . .

First up I've posted a little number of my own limited production skills. Full 320k alton road mashed potato. Bisto anyone?

Too many man Vs Endgame - Coolhandluke Mash Potato by Coolhandluke

After seeing Mark Ronson recently, I was reminded of this 90’s gem by Organized Konfusion ft the evergreen Q-Tip, from their 1994 album ‘Stress: The Extinction Agenda’. A fine slice of summer straight from the golden age.

09 Let's Organize - Organized Konfusion by Coolhandluke

Gella, nominated this year for Breakthrough Producer at Breakspoll, is carving out a niche for himself merging elements of breaks and garage. ‘Twinkle‘, featuring excellent vocal accompaniment from the legendry MC Spyda, is the standout track, although Baobinga must also take credit for this top trumps remix. Take a bow son, take a bow.

Gella - Twinkle Ft. Spyda (Baobinga & ID Remix) by Coolhandluke

Next up is a spot of bigroom dubs from The Boogaloo Crew. Calling All Dancers finds its way into every set I play and is arguably their biggest tune to date. At the other end of the spectrum, ‘Rising Sun’ has a gorgeously seductive summery vibe and gets better and better with every listen.

Calling All Dancers by Coolhandluke

Rising Sun (Boogaloo Crew Remix) by Coolhandluke

After a trial separation of nearly three years since ‘Road to Zion’ (2007), Nas and Damian Marley are reportedly ‘giving it another go‘. ‘As We Enter’ is an early breakthrough. Remixes have inevitably followed from the likes of TC and Foamo, but Rack N’Ruin’s dnb offering is absolutely top draw.
03 - As We Enter (Rack N Ruin Remix) by Coolhandluke

Here is sneak preview of ZINC’s new track 'Nexx' due to be released later this month. Unfortunately this copy goes straight into the drop without the standard minimal build but you get the idea. Future club banger.
DJ Zinc - NEXX by Coolhandluke

Tomb Crew have been consistently producing quality dubstep for the last couple of years but this remix of the French Fries 'Predador' is a jump into the unknown, a dancehall/carnival wobble and a prophetic vision perhaps. . .
03 Predador (Tomb Crew Remix) by Coolhandluke

And finally. . .Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs! Not sure where they’ve come from but I love everything they have released so far. The variety of their productions is staggering. Electro, techno, and garage tunes can all be found on their myspace. Go on, ‘av a butchers.
Garden - T.E.E.D. by Coolhandluke

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ital Tek - Babel

Ital tek is a badman producer. check out his album 'Midnight Colour' if you like goodstep you wont be disapointed...


heres a little gem that our very own BangaTang produced, its a remix to kissy sellouts The Kiss, of which mr HypeMan-Sage liked very much n had to do a vocal for it.

He sent it over to us to listen to and we like it!

have a gander

Kissy SellOut's - The Kiss / Bangatang remix - vocal version by HypeMan-Sage

Monday, July 12, 2010

Excess All Area's

Monday morning, alas its here once more. I will try and keep things cheery by posting news of one of Londons new monthly club nights and a great little mix to go with it......

Excess All Areas – Launch Party

Friday 30th July

@ The Driver, 2-4 Wharfdale Road, Kings Cross

8pm – 5am

£5 before 11 - £10 after

Excess All Areas

Mark Moore (S’Express) | Trevor Fung | Frankie Valentine

Hanna Hanra (Durrr / Dalston Superstore | Cooks Dj (Yo Majesty) | |Backstage Sluts | KoolKIKK | Twiggy Garcia | Enzo Tedeschi | Salvo Riggi | Anja Womso | Ray Stanley + very very special guests and live pa

Excess All Areas

After running many warehouse parties and club nights across London we thought it was about time to find a home for our infamous nights and we’re delighted to tell you; we’ve found it! The Driver.

It’s a place where anything can happen. With its three floors of stunningly designed rooms and roof terrace with spectacular views, this hidden boutique venue in Kings Cross is the place to be.

The outside of the venue has a living garden that grows vertically from the foundations and transforms the venue into something that would rival Alice’s Wonderland.

Over the next few months we will be bringing you a number of themed night time adventures hosted by the delightful and mysterious Lady Excess who will be guiding you through your very own imaginarium.

With the help of Painted by Pixies, a face painting team who will be on hand to create one magical night. So Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls:

Dress to Excess and be who you want to be. Sad or happy clowns, fallen burlesque girls, lion tamers and freak show freaks will always be welcome here at our Funhouse.

Each month we will be inviting various promoters who share the same mentality as us to take our ‘The Guest Boudoir’.

For our launch we have invited no other than Gueststar who have been responsible for a number of killer parties at various venues across London

Roof top cocktail party from 8pm – join us for special Excess All Areas designed cocktail reception.

Check out this sick mix by Excess All Area's Dj and all round party animal Twiggy Garcia here -

Twiggy Garcia - Lets Go Crazy - Bestival mix tape by Twiggy_garcia

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sly Fly @ Lovebox

So next friday Sly Fly Dj's will be destroying London's Victoria Park alongside some of the biggest names in dance music.....

Sly Fly Dj's will be battling Vagabondz dj's to the death and promising some of the filthiest tunes we have in our record bags.

Fridays line up is pretty raw I think you'll agree.....






Much loooooveee

Sunday, July 4, 2010

We're Back....

So we can't apologise enough, we at SLYFLY HQ have been very very very busy over the last couple months; SOMEnight is blowing up London every Wednesday and we are very close to our first release, an E.P from the awesome BangaTang.

We are now back in the game and will be keeping you all updated on all SlyFly fun and games while still giving you the best banging tunes every week for free!

Here's a couple from our boys to get you in the mood.....