Saturday, February 28, 2009


It's that time. Time to skip your class, lean on your cadillac and light up, funk style. Stones Throw have found a gem here.
Dam Funk - Hood Pass Intact

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Yo all, i have actually been sitting on this mix for a couple months now. Recorded it while back now when the days were very cold! Such is the inspiration for this mix. I tried to imagine it being summer and being warm enough to actually go outside. I hope that explains the slightly summery 90's feel of the mix.

Tracklisting will go up once I remember it all....


Mike x x x

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More innovative that one of those yellow vacuums...

Danny Ballbags touched on this in an earlier post but i thought i would bring everyones attention to one of my favorite producers..... Miles Dyson.

The king of that bass sound that makes your body shake and your knees rattle, with build ups that make even the most novice raver put those hands in the air like they just don't care its pretty obvious that i love everything that he does.

Below are a selection of his best works..... enjoy

Has one of those most epic drops in electro
Anthem - Miles Dyson

What a great sample in this one...
Live In Mexico - Miles Dyson

Chilled but still a banger
Dancing with Strangers - Rossell (Miles Dyson Remix)

Mike x 

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dorian Concept

Dorian Concept. Like an intergalactic photon headache punch that will leave you want to clean your ears because it's so good. Today, a remix of the poetic 'Paradigm Shift' by Forss. Check this now

Paradigm Shift (Dorian Concept Remix)


Breakdown are four producers from Cali
we posted a tune a week or so ago "Don't Get High - Breakdown Remix"
here are some more
luvin it!

breakdown - feel this

breakdown - do what i want

sl2 - on a ragga tip (breakdown remix)

In my hands I have.....

....the brand new fucking Herve remix!!!

Now Herve has been out of sorts recently, releasing some real limp wristed gay ass remixes, but im pleased to announce he's back to his best!

But your not gonna be able to hear it..... yet. I have the song in my possesion and am playing it right now, but im gonna make you guys wait a little bit, trust me its worth it!

In the mean time, check out herve's last decent track;

Rikkalicious - Kissy Sell Out & Herve

x x

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009

friday 8pm very tired

tune nuff said

The Star of East Berlin Sharkslayer Mix

Talk To Frank...

Now we are not jumping on the bandwagon late here but we feel it needs to be recodnised what a year FrankMusik is about to have!

Got Vince down to my old radio station this time last year to have a chat about what the next year could hold for him, have a listen here....

London Kicks Radio - FrankMusik

A remix of one of his earlier tunes by good friend and master of the pumping bassline A1 Bassline is available for you here, a tune that frequently makes it into my mixes...

3 Little Words - Frank Musik (A1 Bassline Remix)

Frank has been remixing like a machine and did one for my band which was randomly and quite humerously turned into a weird ass video, not really sure how or why...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Mixes 2008

The Mixes 2008

Sorry all for the repost but the links for this were broken on the last one so i thought i might aswell....

Below are 2 mixes made by the Sly Fly residents to mark the end of a banging year in filth world. Otto Von Bigbird takes care of the minimal action and I look after some Electro dirtiness...

(right click and save as to download)

The Mix 2008 - Mike Kruger

1. Under Control- Adam Freeland (Miles Dyson remix)
2. Clap - Wolfgang Gartner
3. Wildcard - Wolfgang Gartner
4. Ghost 'n' Stuff - Deadmau5
5. Fuck Up - Bass Kleph
6. Buzz Me - Felguk
7. Harder, Faster - Deadmau5
8. Anthem - Miles Dyson (Felguk remix)
9. Get Off - Miles Dyson
10. Super Freak - Egor Boss (Miles Dyson remix)
11. 3 Little Words - Frankmusik (A1 Bassline remix)
12. Wheres Your Head At - Klass remix
13. Mercury - Bloc Party (Herve remix)
14. Rock On - Dj Tom
15. Lover Lover - Tommy Trash
16. Dancing At Strangers - Miles Dyson

The Mix 2008 - Otto Von Bigbird


1. At Night – Dave Spoon
2. Azora – Josh Gabriel
3. Revox – Tim Green
4. Pyramid – John Dahlback
5. Mandarine Girl – Booka Shade
6. Girls – Style Of Eye
7. Bad – Mowgli
8. Deep Throat – Claude Von Stroke
9. Repetition Kills You – Black Ghosts (Laidback Luke remix)
10. Who’s Afraid of Detroit – Claude Von Stroke (Stanton Warriors remix)
11. Township Funk – Sinden rework
12. Wheres My Money - TC (Caspa remix)

dive bar beats come and vibe

here are 2 tunes i found over the last couple of days. proppa feelin them.

our resident "spinner of filth" is playin at the social tonight and every 2nd thur of the month.
we will all be there come join (come around 11 for the beats not before )
tunes below

Rave Is King-Le Castle Vania Remix

It's What U Do 2 Me - Jack Beats remix

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Banging friday night???

This weekend is going to be BIG for many reasons...

The Slyfly team is splitting up to scour the country for the biggest and dirtiest beats.

Dan is off up norf to Sub Dub - The now infamous dubstep night in Leeds. Having pretty much launched the careers of some of the biggest names in dub, subdub is the place to be to hear the freshest deepest sounds.

I on the other hand am staying in the relative civility of south London....

Chew The Fat is the electro party to end all electro parties in London this weekend, with Fake Blood, Raffertie and SF favorite A1 Bassline its sure to be a SICK night.

Some hand picked tunes to get you in the mood -


Damaged Goods - Yo Righteous (A1 Bassline Remix) - *MK RECCOMENDS*