Friday, July 31, 2009

little mix for the weekend

Editors note : No Picture Uploaded by Jo - Jo is on the far left incase you didnt know ;)

done a little mix bout half an hour, there are some fuck up but i cant be arsed to do it again. so yeah, have a good weekend.........

downloadme - jomix - benga - joker
crunked.up - benga - distance [skream remix]
blue.notez - mala
mind&soul - d1
blue.notez - mala - adam freeland [joker remix]
cold.rocker - george lenton
dont.stop - itchy robot
b4.the.dual - benga
alright - magnetic man
loose.synths - benga
so.many.faces von d [vip]

round.round - hi-tek feat. jonell [so solid remix] [sentimental things] - so solid - sia [wookie remix]

also dan put a youtube video of a Silkie tune below, if you want it you can from here - Silkie - I Sed

have a good one.

Tonight bitches!

So its finally friday, been gagging for this day all week. And although some of you may be heading down to matter for Fwd/Rinse FM dubstep mayhem. My feet are going to be moving to the sounds of the electro beat at Chew The Fat.

To get you ready for the weekend im gonna post a couple tunes from the artists playing tonight so you know what your in for if your going down....

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Of course we're gonna promote a bit of home grown talent!

So here we go, BuckOne one of the resident dj's here at slyfly hq has sent me over a bit of wonk for you all to digest.

Without further a-do....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sly Fly Takeover KOKO 21st AUG

We are there again and I think its the best lineup yet 

we have the Vagabondz boys Slugz and Boyson playing 

Dirty Dance Beatboxers Navsta N  Chudz

Resident Filthmen Kruger/Buck1 

Lego with his deep base alternative dubstep

and finally to end it with his Earbleeding DnB Filed under k 

Sage will be hyping it throughout the night on the mike so come down and check £4 if you add your name to a comment on this post



Sorry for the youtubes had no time

Silkie - I sed

Crucial - Sleng Teng Dub

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Drink my Nectar.....

This post goes out to a mate whos currently away working in Japan. He's came across bassnectar over the weekend and i went through my CD collection to find some tunes to post for you all

Loving the 'nectar's take on dance music at the moment. Props to jojo for bringing it back to my attention, shame hes a prick haha 

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hello remixed again by TrumpDisco

Pic By Ricky Mundo (SlyFly)

we posted about 7 remixes of this when the stems went out for a comp in may 

this one just cropped up today but TrumpDisco Who are from Australia, seems like they are pumping out the tunes at the moment 

take it easy 


Friday, July 24, 2009


Danny B hit up some progressive house so i thought id sample some wobble seeing as its friday and all....

Bill Eff - Fucking love his Cannock Wobble, trouserflap is a banger aswell.....Enjoy

Anyone out this weekend? Think theres only one place to be tomorrow night MEGA MEGA MEGA! Got a promo of the same name through the post the other day. I wanna post it but as its not quite out yet you'll have to make do with a youtube link. If this is what the nights gonna be like, im ALL OVER IT. Check the line-up below

On my Progressive house vibes


I first heard Bleep by Sandy Vee tune on the space Ibiza Website about a year ago, gotta love the old school sample. These tunes just make me wanna leave work and get on a plane to an Island and Rave it up 

the other tune by Avicii is a tune i found on a massive bulk download  named (Filthy Electro) which is Bullshit cus to be honest there was about 10 tunes out of 200 that were any good. 

These are the first of a couple of Bangers that i will post from this Bundle 


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Decision time.....

Just like London buses, 2 nights have now come along that are gonna divide our attentions! While I will be raving away to Miles Dyson at chew the fat im sure that a hell of alot of people will be gracing the dance floor of matter to get DOWN AND DIRTY!

To celebrate Rinse FM's 15th birthday one hell of a party is being thrown. Check out the line up, it speaks for itself.....

Check out this tune aswell from rinse mainstay Skream

(sorry my player thing is down)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Subby Wobble

Going through my CD case the other night I remembered a couple of tunes I used to LOOOOVVEEE a bit too much a year or 2 back. 

Couldn't find Nifty on the blogs anywhere so had to buy it but wow is it worth it! What a fucking noise that is through a good sound system

Raven was another huge tune that I loved too much. Wasnt really that impressed with Proxy when I saw him at Gatecrasher last year but this tune is timeless

Download them both here -

Proxy - Raven

We'd also like to introduce you to our newest blogger, Rickstein! 

The slyfly photographer is now gonna start posting some bangers.....Unfortunately he doesnt understand how to do all the coding for posting tunes so you gonna have to be proactive and find the tunes he posts.

He's gonna use Youtube as his player, we all cant wait for this haha 

Mike x   

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


For some reason Nero's mini mix isn't available to download from iTunes. dont have the track list but its only five mins, so why not.

Nero - RadioOne Mini Mix

Monday, July 20, 2009


You cant 100% understand my excitement when, while searching the internet for more sick tunes i stumbled across the line-up for next weeks chew the fat!

'The King' Miles Dyson is playing!

Now for as long as ive been listening to filth Miles Dyson has been there supplying me with Dj ammo. I am so happy hes coming over and i urge all of you to attend this night!

Check out a full interview with the man on The Fat Blog

Also worth a look is the previously slyfly recommended Squires Of Gothos

Miles Dyson label Plasmapool is a great place to look if your after some more great electro-house/breaks, check this banger.....

Friday, July 17, 2009


DEEP MEDi Musik are proud to present the debut album from one of dubstep’s most exciting artists: Silkie. Hailing from west London, “City Limits Volume One” is a glorious explosion of physical energy and concentrated emotion. (not my words) basically it will be sick.

The Launch Party for the album is on the 23rd July @ Corsica Studios in Elephant. Tickets are £5 All Night.

Tracklist of the album
01 Concrete Jungle
02 Spark

03 Turvy
04 Sty
05 Quasar

06 Purple Love
07 Planet X
08 Cats Eyes
09 Head Butt Da Deck
10 Techno 22
11 Mattaz
12 The Horizon
13 Beauty

Death Remix

Chase & Status done a dubstep remix of a White Lies tune death. Its not bad...

White Lies - Death (Chase & Status)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A1 big tune

Pic By Ricky Mundo (slyfly)

we always try to rep our friends and A1  always does it big 

you should deff check out his myspace cus there are so many big tunes coming up 

this tune with a nice smooth breakdown before signature wobble 

danny b

Wednesday, July 15, 2009



Hope all is well, 

so we have 2 Nights going on this weekend Friday and Sat 
check out the line up on sat we have SYNKRO B2B INDIGO which will be live 

poor old mike kruger the resident filthman has fallen to the swine so we are a dj down but i am sure we will make it ;) 
if you are amazing and wanna show off and get some free drinks spin a couple at koko let me know asap

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Pic By Ricky Mundo (Sly Fly)


I feel a bit shit to be honest i was up at TinthePark this weekend  ( Claude von Stroke smacked it BTW)

Got to love the cheese with Bass

how do they do it, big up to the UK outfit bringing wrong and wonky to all 

nuff said 

see you all tomorrow 

danny B

Monday, July 13, 2009

Its all gone a bit Pete Tong.....

I finally found enough time to record a new mix this weekend. Unfortunately over the last week and a half i have managed to lose my hearing in my left ear. The sounds of life have been replaced by the LOUDEST ringing ever.

Those of you who have seen the film 'It's All Gone Pete Tong' will understand my fear. Those who havent GO SEE THAT FILM.

Little did i realise how hard mixing is with one ear...... Hopefully its not too painful for you all

(Right click, save as to download)


Flow - Miles Dyson
My People - D.I.M
Milk & Honey - Soundpusher
Wolfgangs 5th Symphony - Wolfgang Gartner
Melodik Hypnotik - Miles Dyson
Rocky Raver - Herve
Baby Baby - Bill Eff
Hit The Club - Micky Slim (Heavy Feet Remix)
London Town - Man Like Me (Foamo Remix)
Bloodlines - Herve
IC19 - Buraka Som Sistema (A1 Bassline Remix)
Don't Ya - Calvertron
The Cannock Wobble - Will Bailey (Bill Eff Remix)
Apocalypse - Autobots Vs Screwface
Booty Pit - Wu Tang Clan (Dj Defkline & Red Polo)
Blinded By The Lights - The Streets (Nero Remix)
Night Thunder - Nero
Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap (Doorly Remix)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Blud, dont let me get old...

South Londoner dubstep badboy, Distance. One of the pioneers of the genre undoubtedly helped to lay the foundations of what dubstep is and develop what it has become today. Check him out -, he's got a newish album out - Repercussions. His label 'chestplate' has had some sick releases, check it.

Distance - My Demons




NumberNin6 is a producer from the States, hes pretty good. really like this tune, it sound quite like a breaks tune. its basically happy. his other shit is well dark. you crazy kids out there might have herd his remix of 'breathe' pretty nasty. should be one to look out for in the near future, check out his myspace -

NumberNin6 - When you told me


Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So after Danny B's rather shocking (and tounge in cheek) admission that he used to sit in the park, watching shooting stars and wanking over the Arctic Monkeys, I thought it would be fitting to get back to our roots and hit you with some European electro-house!

Signed to the EPIC Plasmapool (home of Miles Dyson) you can kinda expect a certain kinda sound to be emanating from whatever sound system their playing out of and im yet to be disappointed.

That huge over produced bass sound that just devours you. That kick drum sound that literally punches you in the face. One thing these guys have on lock is their drum production.

Ive posted a couple of my fave tracks of theirs below for you to check.....

Bass Weazal/ Arctic Monkeys

Pic By Ricky Mundo (SlyFly)

I just found this tune and i have to say i do love the original as well but here for you is a nice little switch up tune so you can get your grime on to some filth and at the same time reminisce about the times u used to drink cider in the park and say that u would never like another band as much as the Arctic Monkeys ;)

Hype !!
Danny B

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I know we all pretend not too, but you gotta love facebook!

Slyfly have got in on the action and started some crazy application that i dont totally understand. What i do know is that all you guys need to join it!

Means you can get all the latest blog posts direct to your news feed so you know when the new filth has been posted.

Follow THIS LINK and sign up!

SF x 

Some more baby.....

The 'baby's last single 'Forced' produced some BANGING remix's i think you'll all agree. I personally loved up the Foamo mix while others preferred the Don Diablo banger.

For new single 'Medicine' Rouge Element have given us a brand new take on electro. I cant really describe this tune or find a suitable genre to class this as.... Minimal Fidget maybe?

Cagedbaby is playing in London this weekend if any of you are about..... Saturday night at the Den in Holborn. Check this link for more details.

So we go, tell me what you think.....

Monday, July 6, 2009


Pic By Ricky Mundo (SlyFly)

Just a Quicky

Our Boy BUCK ONE as just made a new tune 

check it out on his myspace


Friday, July 3, 2009

Posticular Specularus

Its friday which means we'll be away from the computer for the weekend :(

We are gonna leave you with some beats to keep you going over the next few days, dont want you having with-drawl symptoms! 

First up is some DURTY dubstep!

You may have heard this raping the bass bins at the last Sly Fly night 

Here's some breaks for y'all! We dont feature enough breaks on this blog but while playing some tunes with my mate the other day he said he needed this tune.... here you are matey

To cover all bases here's a bit of electro house, this time from Herve, give it some time, the drop is worth the wait.....

And to top it all off here's a mix that we've been rocking out to today -


Been a slow week.....

So apologies! We have been slacking!

Danny B has been giving me shit about not posting enough, well im sorry, times have been busy recently but i am now going to strive to get our posts back on track!

Im gonna start with a little reccomendation..... Tonight at fabric is a pretty big one!

We have been lucky enough to secure some mix's from 2 of the Dj's spinning tonight to get you in the mood...


1. Remote - Public Service (Meanwhile)
2. Clouded Vision – Outside (Vox Accapella) (White)
3. Plein Soleil aka Chloe & Krikor - Casus Belli (Brontosaurus mix) (Kill The DJ)
4. Tucillo - Panorama (Kalabrese Mix) (Delusions of Grandeur‏)
5. Juan Maclean – Happy House (Audion Remix) (Dfa Records)
6. Abe Duque feat. Virginia - Following My Heart [DJ Hell Remix] (Process Recordings)
7. Monty Luke – Panik Attack (Mothership)
8. Daniel Steinberg - Cocolips (Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner Remix) (SUPDUB)
9. Tom Flynn - Zinga (UNO)
10. Julian Jewell - Marjo & Linda (Craft)
11. Noob – Da Brusse Test (White)
12. Alvaro - Ultimate Rise feat. Luxx (Seductive Remix) (Samsobeats)
13. Madkid – Bang Bang (Boka Records)
14. Deepgroove – Freya (White)
15. Okain, Thomas Muller - Somewhere Around Tristram (Bpitch Control)
16. Peaches – Lose You (Matt Walsh & Alex Jones Remix) (XL)


1. The Godfather Theme
2. Cypress Hill-"Hits from the Bong"
3. Mfdoom&Dangermouse-"Sofa King"
4. F.Rich,Prok&Fitch-"Naga"
5. Dj Chus,Niki B&Christian E-"Hossa"-C.Soul Rmx
6. DjGregory&GregorSalto-"Con Alegria"-SOLO Rmx
7. Gramophonedzie-"WHy Don't You"
8. James Brown-"Super Bad"
9. S.Samson-"Riverside"-Afrojack Rmx
10. SOLO-"Congaloid"
11. Bastian Schuster-"New Orleans"
12. Dj Jean,Asino-"The Bomb"
13. Afrojack&Diplo-"How I like it"-Kid Kaio/R.sinester Rmx
14. Dopamine-"Spunk"
15. SOLO-"Joga Bola"
16. Dennis_Dj Vasco- "
17. Renaissance Man-"Spraycan"
18. Layo&Bushwacka-"Love Story"-SOLO Bootyleg
19. L.Charmes,Kid Kaio-"This sound is"
20. Maskio-"Human Jungle"-Santos Reedit
21. "Flash 2.9"-Cdr
22. Tiga-"Shoes"- Noob Rmx
23. SOLO-"Rawmania"
24. Max Romeo-"Play with your pussy"

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Sorry for the long thing, Glasto was hectic and have been recovering since monday but here we go 

Deadmouse was banging 
rusko was to 
and fianlly the iglooo/bassline tents smacked it in Shangri la dropping filth all weekend long

also my office is flooded and so i am working from home with none of my tunes or anything so a little borrowing is in order 

so lets thank our boys at Hush House and squeegiesounds for this one 

We have posted about Enigma before and its been pretty dark and raw, this on the other hand is sunny day dubstep.  The original vocal of this tune is so buff u couldn't fuck it up.

safe onesssssss