Tuesday, November 2, 2010

wot u call it?

"Future Garage"

sick mix from from the man like Jerm 2 from birmingham.

'The Happening' is chucked between 2 classics, watch the mix ye...

download it here
$$$ ELIXIR MIX $$$ by jerm2

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sly Fly Dj's Live @ SOMEnight

Easy one and all!

What a couple of weeks that was! The SOMEnight birthday was amazing last week and we're all still recovering.

We recorded some epic sets from the headliners and they will be posted up here soon..... In the mean time check out our very own Sly Fly Dj's smashing up SOMEnight a few weeks back with the help of HypeMan Sage

1st Hour - Bassline/dubstep

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SOMEnight #49 Photo Gallery

Tighten Up Dj's
Homepark & special guest Joy Orbison

A1 Bassline
A1 Bassline
A1 Bassline
Sly Fly Dj's (Mike Kruger)
Sly Fly Dj's (Filed Under:K)
Sly Fly Dj's
Sly Fly Dj's

DefJam Rapstar - Ben Sage

Sly Fly's very own Sage repping it strong for DefJam Rapstar

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


SOMEnight resident BuckOne has just sent us over his new mix of minimal, grime and 2-step. Its fucking sick!

Check BuckOne playing alongside Dozee at SOMEnight's birthday on the 29th. We have some REALLY big news to tell you about the birthday which will be announced here TOMORROW

In the meantime.....

Saturday, September 11, 2010

SOMElive Series - Coki

A couple days later than usual (thanks Soundcloud) but today we continue with our SOMElive series, this week with a savage set from Coki recorded live @ SOMEnight on the 25th of August

Enjoy as always

SOMEnight #46 Aug 25th - Coki by SlyFly

More than just a Hypeman.....

Now I know we harp on about our own artists a bit here at Sly Fly, but wouldn't you if you had such sick tracks hitting your inbox daily?

We have been bigging up our resident MC/Hypeman Ben Sage for a few months now, most of you have been unable to see what we were talking about (unless you made it down to SOME recently). Well lucky for you Ben has been laying down some freestyles in his spare time. Over the coming weeks we're gonna be featuring some of our favourites.

Check out HypeMan Sage as the 'Lean Herbsman'


Right so its been a while !

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sly Fly Productions - Dot Rotten

Check this shit out....... Over the coming weeks Def Jam Rapstar are going to be releasing a series of vignettes featuring some of the best names in the UK grime scene freestyling some serious bars.

Produced by Sly Fly's very own Ricky Mundo keep checking back for the latest Def Jam Vignettes.

Tighten Up Records

(L-R: Tek-One, A1 Bassline, Kavsrave)

Introducing Tighten Up Records, South Landan's newest bass rinsing collective. The brainchild of Oxted boys A1 Bassline, Tek-One & Kavsrave, Tighten Up have some pretty special stuff planned for their first release.

Check out the 2 part release out September 20th. Part 1 features a double A-side with collaborations between Tek-One & A1 Bassline, and A1 Bassline & Kavsrave.

Part 2 will feature a collab between Tek-One & Kavsrave and a massive track featuring all 3 artists!

Now make sure your all down at the Den next week where Tighten Up will be launching in style!!

In the meantime, check this out and start getting excited!

Friday, September 3, 2010

SOMEnight #47 Pictures

Sly Fly Dj's


AC Slater

AC Slater

Filed Under:K

Filed Under:K

HypeMan Sage

Another jumping Wednesday at the den


to view all images from the night

please go HERE

Thursday, September 2, 2010

SOMElive Series - Marcus Nasty w/Hype Man Sage

Another thursday and another morning after the night before....

It was a hot a sweaty night at SOME last night as AC Slater & Breakage smashed the system up for the 47th week running.

Now back to our SOMElive Series.... Today we have the finest of UK Funky thanks to the godfather Marcus Nasty. We have our very own Sly Fly MC Hype Man Sage spitting some of his best stuff. Check it out below

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Events this week...

So hope you all had a great bank holiday weekend, I know we did here in Sly Fly land, hit up the last festival of the year. Some of us ended up at Eastern Electric getting down to the epic sound of Claude Von Stroke, while others were shacking it down to the carnival riddems in Notting Hill.

Now we have a couple of good nights coming up this week for you all to head down to, hopefully you will have recovered from the weekend in time..

First up we have an electro heavyweight making his debut at SOMEnight this week, all the way from Philly via Brooklyn, AC SLATER. With a badboy supporting line up coming from Breakage, Filed Under:K and our very own Sly Fly Dj's w/ Hype Man Sage

Full details here - SOMEnight #47

If weekend raving is more your thing then head down to the Lightbox in Vauxhall on Saturday night for Ripped.

You know why you should go to Ripped? To see our man Filed Under:K really get things moving with a serious tearout set.

More details here - Ripped

Peace and love

Friday, August 27, 2010

Scratch Perverts

So tonight I am off to see some of the best Dj's around, The Scratch Perverts, ply their trade in an intimate venue in London Town. I thought it would be fitting to post one of their tracks up so you all can get as excited as I am.

Unfortunately we're having trouble with our own soundcloud so im having to rip a track from someone else's. I promise to fix this.

No posts this weekend as i will be in a very muddy field listening to loud music... Enjoy the weekend!

Cockney Thug Remix Scratch Perverts by dubstepfootsoldiers

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Filed Under:K - The E.p

Times are getting exciting in Sly Fly land.... We have been threatening for the last few months to start releasing records and we're so excited to announce the first official Sly Fly Records release.

One of our first signings over a year ago was west London jump-up king Filed Under:K. In that time he has been gaining a loyal fanbase through his remix work (Kissy Sell Out, The Temper Trap) and his intense DJ sets during his monthly residency at SOME.

After hearing some of the bangers FU:K has been working on in his studio we felt it was about time to let the world hear what this man has in his filthy mind.

We are happy to announce the as yet untitled Filed Under:K E.P will drop in all good digital retailers on Monday 15th Novemeber.

In the meantime please get yourself mentally prepared for a really savage record with one of Filed Under:K's fan favourite Yucca 3 Squared

Filed Under:K - Yucca 3 Squares by SlyFly

SOMElive Series - J Majik & Ragga Twins

So it was only a matter of time really until we sorted ourselves out enough to start getting some of the best exclusive content from SOMEnight.

We are fortunate enough to have some of the best DJ's from around the world gracing our decks on a weekly basis. Now we know all of you cant be there every week, some of you aren't in the same country! So we're gonna bring the party to you with a selection of exclusive live mixes recorded at our very own SOMEnight.

To start with I thought we would go back to last week and the amazing display put on by J Majik & The Ragga Twins.....

Check it out, download it and keep coming back for more exclusive live mixes

SOMENight #45 Aug 18th- J Majik & Ragga Twins by SlyFly

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

SOMEnight 1st BIRTHDAY!!!!

So a couple days later than planned we are happy to announce the line up for SOMEnights 1st birthday..... I think you'll agree its pretty fucking massive for a wednesday night!

Over the coming weeks we will be bringing you loads of exclusive tracks and mixes from artists playing and after the event we will have live sets for you to download from the night.

Whatever happens your gonna wanna keep it locked on Sly Fly for all the best new music...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Quickpost - Bill Eff

Quickpost here guys.... Sorry I was away at a festival over the weekend but back with a couple of tunes that I have been holding close to my chest for a while now.

Bill Eff, who I believe has hung up his headphone's (according to twitter at least, please correct me if im wrong) had a nice little catalogue of wobbly tunes at his disposal and I loved alot of them!

If you have seen me dj in the last 6 month you WILL have heard this tune, I just cant ignore playing it. So good!

Will Bailey & Wongo - The Cannock Wobble (Bill Eff Remix 2) by EEYORE2012

Another solid banger here, if you like these tunes make sure to buy them on Beatport...... or search a little harder and you will find them on a torrent somewhere ;)

Bill Eff - Baby Baby by Bill Eff