Monday, August 23, 2010

Quickpost - Bill Eff

Quickpost here guys.... Sorry I was away at a festival over the weekend but back with a couple of tunes that I have been holding close to my chest for a while now.

Bill Eff, who I believe has hung up his headphone's (according to twitter at least, please correct me if im wrong) had a nice little catalogue of wobbly tunes at his disposal and I loved alot of them!

If you have seen me dj in the last 6 month you WILL have heard this tune, I just cant ignore playing it. So good!

Will Bailey & Wongo - The Cannock Wobble (Bill Eff Remix 2) by EEYORE2012

Another solid banger here, if you like these tunes make sure to buy them on Beatport...... or search a little harder and you will find them on a torrent somewhere ;)

Bill Eff - Baby Baby by Bill Eff

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