Monday, August 16, 2010

Local Natives

Not the kind of band we normally feature on Sly Fly but I have to admit that LA-based Local Natives are one of my favourite bands around at the moment. Any of you who are looking for a perfect summer album check out 'Gorilla Manor' by LN, you will not be disappointed.

A band thats not scared of the remix they have put stems from their tracks up on their website so there are a few cool mixes flying around.

Check out this really nice and chilled dub/2step mix by DYM

Local Natives - Who Knows Who Cares (DYM Remix) by Damn You Mongolians

One of the official mixes from the single Eyes Wide was this great reworking from Fools Gold. Giving it a bit of a crunk/gangstar rap mash up while still retaining the beautiful vocal work form the band

Local Natives - Eyes Wide (Fool's Gold Remix) by TNastee

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