Saturday, December 12, 2009

some dubplate business....

DJ Madd - Rizla Dub

Example - Watch The Sun Come Up (Joker & Ginz Remix)

DJ MADD one to look out for..............


Untold - I Can t Stop This Feeling (Pangea Remix)

Untold - Stop What You re Doing (James Blake Remix)

FACT MIX 58 [untold]

Stereotyp - Uepa (feat.Joyce Muniz) - Man Recordings
Untold - Just for You (Roska remix) - forthcoming Hotflush
Hot City - No More - forthcoming Infrasonics
Untold - Never went away - unreleased
Untold - I can't stop this feeling (Pangaea remix) - forthcoming Hemlock
Untold - No one likes a smartarse - unreleased
Untold - Gonna work out fine - unreleased
Untold - You didn't win the holiday - unreleased
Untold - Stop what you're doing - unreleased
DJ C - Jump Up and Bounce (ft. Ms. Thing) (LV remix) - unreleased
Littlefoot - Sell my soul - unreleased
Mount Kimbie - Esasub - unreleased
TRG - Siberian poker - unreleased
Ramadanman - Bleeper - unreleased
Ramadanman - No swing - unreleased
Joe - Perculate - unreleased
Untold - Flexible - unreleased
Shortstuff & Mickey Pearce - Tripped up - unreleased
LV - Crossfire - unreleased

Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Emalkay Banger

So before we get into some new music just wanna give a shout out to all of you who came down to SOME last night, it was fucking BIG!!!

Channel One Soundsystem sounded beautiful and there were some seriously tight sets from the Dj's

Big shout out goes to Klose One who came down last minute and filled in and got the place JUMPING!

Now, back to the beats. We got this tune here at Sly Fly a couple weeks back and for reasons beyond our control we have had to sit on it but now its ready for you to fill your speakers with. 

After the huge success of 'When I Look At You' Emalkay has been drafted in to put his signature sound to Faithless's new banger...... Check it

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Little bit of an update

Apologies again, we have been slacking with updating the blog. So much shit has been going down at Sly Fly HQ.

First up, SOME is going strong. On our 11th week and tonight we have something special in store for those who are coming down. For the first time ever The Den (The End) have allowed a soundsystem to be brought into the venue. Not just any soundsystem i might add.

The mighty Channel One system is going to be competing with the amazing Thunderridge 5000 in a one off event thats gonna hit you with more bass than i think anyone realises! 

Those who live in london will have seen this on the front page of todays Metro 

With that in mind, heres some LOUD BASS for you

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Slugz & Boyson 3 Deck Tear Out

Got a little treat for you here. SOME residents Slugz & Boyson have recorded a 3 deck mini-mix just to show off what talented fuckers they are.

Check it out here and check them at SOME next week