Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Temper Trap Remixed.... AGAIN!

We have posted about The Temper Trap before. Their last single had remix's by Herve, Mistabishi and The Filthy Dukes. Well it seems they have out-done themselves this time with new single 'Sweet Disposition'

Doorly whos made a name for himself recently with some very blog friendly remix's of Dizzee Rascal and Calvin Harris has given this track his signature 'wonky-as-fuck Dubstep'  treatment

This track isnt going to be to everyones taste but i definatly think its worth a listen, Is this the new route dubsteps going down?

Also.... we spend alot of time talking about remix's here but its sometimes interesting to hear the original track, so here it is with one WEIRD, but cool, video!

Right, now im off to glastonbury to dj and generally get far too messy! There's no point trying to coordinate people to come see me play, all im saying is if you hear some dirty beats, follow them. You will find us!

Mike x  

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Glasto Break

Pic By Ricky Mundo (Sly Fly)

YoYo people 

Mike and I are leaving for glasto so this will prob be the last post till next week sorry about that.

found this little wonky beat today 

check it 

and this tune is banging but shit quality  sorry 


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

London Tawn

Im sure most of you will have heard these remix's tearing up the dancefloors all over the shop but for those who havent, check it......

Bonus track for y'all - 


So for a bit of a history lesson......

Partyshank were the new saviours of dance music a few moons back. Comprised of Christian Shank (Now A1 Bassline) and Howard P. Sausage (Now Tek-One). Circuit bending Fisher Price to make some mental sounds they destroyed it with off the wall gigs and raves.

Both producers in their own right we have heard alot about A1 Bassline on this blog over the last few months so now its time to hear what Tek-One is churning out....

With a live incarnation consisting of Howard and a live drummer, I have yet to see them. But on the strength of these tunes im definatly excited about seeing them soon.....

*props to KidCityBlog for the tunes

Monday, June 22, 2009

6 months on....

Mess tastic!

So friday was a bit fun! We managed to drink the bar dry in record time and lets be honest, no matter how cool everyone was trying to act there was no denying how dirty the beats were when we all ended up dancing on table's before midnight! 

Some filthy sets from Herve, Jack Beat's, Kissy Sell Out Vs. Eddy Temple Morris. A1 Bassline played some new tunes out that were truly BANGING! I need to get some of those tunes!

So seeing as friday was our 6 month anniversary I thought it would be fitting (and lazy) to repost some mixes we included in our first post....

First off - One of Sly Fly's less vocal members, OTTO VON BIGBIRD. Prefers to keep himself to himself but if your ever partying with us he always seems to end up behind the decks playing some filthy minimal at 6 in the morning 


1. At Night – Dave Spoon
2. Azora – Josh Gabriel
3. Revox – Tim Green
4. Pyramid – John Dahlback
5. Mandarine Girl – Booka Shade
6. Girls – Style Of Eye
7. Bad – Mowgli
8. Deep Throat – Claude Von Stroke
9. Repetition Kills You – Black Ghosts (Laidback Luke remix)
10. Who’s Afraid of Detroit – Claude Von Stroke (Stanton Warriors remix)
11. Township Funk – Sinden rework
12. Wheres My Money - TC (Caspa remix)

Heres another one from the first post. Towards the end of last year i went through a bit of an Electro House love in and made a mix of my fave tunes from 2008 for an epic new years set -


1. Under Control- Adam Freeland (Miles Dyson remix)
2. Clap - Wolfgang Gartner
3. Wildcard - Wolfgang Gartner
4. Ghost 'n' Stuff - Deadmau5
5. Fuck Up - Bass Kleph
6. Buzz Me - Felguk
7. Harder, Faster - Deadmau5
8. Anthem - Miles Dyson (Felguk remix)
9. Get Off - Miles Dyson
10. Super Freak - Egor Boss (Miles Dyson remix)
11. 3 Little Words - Frankmusik (A1 Bassline remix)
12. Wheres Your Head At - Klass remix
13. Mercury - Bloc Party (Herve remix)
14. Rock On - Dj Tom
15. Lover Lover - Tommy Trash16. Dancing At Strangers - Miles Dyson

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Electro Bangers For You

Pic By Tayah Leigh ( Sly Fly )

Miles Dyson is one of my favorite artists, good old mike Kruger has been banging out his tunes for years and we was definatly someone who got me into some heavy electro 
just found this little jem

If you got a ticket for the party tomorrow see you there if not we will be back on monday with a full report and tunes that made the night take it easy 

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Everyones for a little german in them....

We posted about these guys a couple weeks back, Uber-bass worshipers Ampersand. They were kind enough to send over their new mix.

As always if im allowed to post something i will. Its such a shame though as i have been sent some proper big tunes recently but so as not to fuck over the kind artists that have sent me such gems i will refrain from posting them up.

More of an excuse for you to come down and watch some slyfly dj's tear it up very soon.....

Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to Skream!

Skream's Birthday Bash

Skream! and Banga B2B

1. Kito feat. Reijah Lee - LFO
2. Noah D - Serious
3. Crazy Cousinz feat. Kyla - Day Dreaming (LD Remix)
4. Benga - One Million
5. Emalkay - Solid State
6. Joker & Ginz vs Tempa T - Re-Up/Next Hype Mash Up
7. Skream - Filth
8. Kutz or Benga - ?
9. I'm assuming Benga? - BIG TUNE BY THE WAY!
10. Skream - Filth (Silkie Remix)
11. Skream - Metal Mouth
12. Benga - Moving
13. ???
14. Skream - What Did He Say?
15. BBK - Too Many Man (Skream Mix)
16. Benga - 26 Basslines
17. Joker & Ginz - Purple City
18. Zinc feat. Nolay - Killer Sound (Skream Mix)
19. 12th Planet - 68
20. Benga - Baltimore Clap
21. ???
22. Skream - Clap Your Hands
23. Rusko - Paper Bag (I think!)
24. Simian Mobile Disco - ? (Joker Mix)
25. Benga - ?
26. Benga - Descending
27. Skream - Wibbiler (I think!)
28. Emalkay - When I Look At You
29. Skream - Aggy Face
30. Benga - ?
31. MJ Cole - Sincere (Nero Remix)
32. Skream - ??? (FUCKING BIG TUNE!)
33. Benga - Buzzin'
34. Benga??? - ???
35. La Roux - In For The Kill (Skream Mix)
37. Benga - ???
38. Benga - Better
39. ??? - ??? (Skream Mix) BIG TUNE.
40. The Streets - Blinded By The Lights (Nero Remix)
41. Skream - Chestboxing (Benga Remix)
42. Kutz or Benga? - ???
43. Toddla T - Inna Di Dancehall (Sinden etc Remix I think)
44. Von D feat. Phe Phe - Show Me (Skream Mix) PROPER GROWER!
45. Benga - ?
46. Benga vs Kutz - I'll Kut Ya
47. Skream - Burnin' Up (A Jungle Tribute)
48. Skream - What The Fuck Are You Looking At?
49. D Bridge - Wonder Where

Friday, June 12, 2009

golden oldies

Pic  Ricky Mundo

Hello everybody 

Hope all is well, i had my music on shuffle today and a couple of jems popped out, i am pretty sure we havent posted them so here is 2 tunes that i have been playing out over the last year 

big luv 

danny b

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What are they feeding these guys!!!!

Seriously, i like to think i like some of the dirtier forms of dance music but when i heard these guys it was just stupid levels of filth, dare i say it, almost too much!

Hailing from good old Steel City up norf these guys really dont mess around. I am going to strive to get them down to play one of our nights just to see what an hour of this filth can do to people!

My favorite track has to be 'Triple Drop' - Im gonna try and track it down for a full download, but in the mean time check em out here......

The Squire of Gothos

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Joker of the Decks

Joker & Ginz on this one.

Click here to download:
Joker & Ginz - ReUp

Click here to download:
Joker & Ginz - Purple City

New A1 Bassline lovliness

A1 telling me my beats are shit tee hee

Busy year continues for Mr. A1! Playing all over europe and still destroying it with the remix's we managed to drunkenly convince him to send us some new shit. 

Luckily for you guys he obliged and we have some more filthy bassline for you to shack to...

The bass worshiper will also be playing the SlyFly endorsed Kissy Party next week with that killer line up so make sure your down to that


1- A1 Bassline - The Wire (Cdr)
2 - Project Bassline - Drop The Pressure (Jack Beats rmx) - Cheap Thrills
3 - Aquasky - Knock You Out (Andy George rmx) - Southern Fried Records
4 - A1 Bassline - Evil 10 (Cdr)
5 - Nathan Boon And Klevera - Like To Freak - Potty Mouth
6 - Little Boots - Remedy (A1 Bassline 4am cut off rmx) - 679
7 - Filth And Spender - Tomorrows World (Jaymo's Midnight Murder version) - Born To Dance
8 - Rochelle - Chin Up (A1 Bassline's Spaced Out rmx) - Planet Clique
9 - Man Like Me - London Town (Foamo rmx) - Our Time Records
10 - Buraka Som Sistema Ic19 (A1 Bassline rmx) - Fabric Live
11 - Curses - The Deep End (Bart B More rmx) - Institubes
12 - A1 Bassline - Bad Man Horror Theme (cdr)
13 - The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up (Bass Weazal's Bootled rmx) -Xl
14 - A1 Bassline ft. Dean Tyan - We Love Pussy (cdr)
15 - Lee Mortimer and Foamo - Its going Down (cdr)
16 - Ladyhawk - Back Of The Van (A1 Bassline rmx) - Atlantic
17 - Yo Majesty - Dont Let go (A1 Bassline Essex mix) - Domino
18 - HeavyFeet - Killa - Tragic Magic
19 - A1 Bassline - Let It Roll (Cdr)
20 - Sissy Nobby - Lay Me Down (A1 Bassline Dutty rmx) - Hood Status Entertainment
21 - Little Boots - New Town Girl (A1 Bassline's Hands In the Air rmx) - 679
22 - Dom And Roland - Soundwall V.I.P - Moving Shadow
23 - Mobb Deep - Shook Ones - Loud

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Pic By Ricky Mundo (SlyFly)

The Lenton is half and Half tune with a little basline and Dubstep mixed up
George Lenton - Cold Rocker

Big Man = Big basslines    .........  simple 

Sly Fly Dj's

Sly Fly Dj's get ALL THE GIRLS!!!

Big up COOLHANDLUKE and this little wenchie!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Wolfy G hits back

Now im gonna be honest, i havent been feeling some of Wolfgang Gartner's latest stuff. 'Push and Rise' sounded a bit too much like Daftpunk for my liking!

But as always i will allow people to make the occasional shit tune. Luckily the G man has come back with an entertaining slice of electro house loveliness.

Those of you who have been out raving with us last week will have heard it dropped by myself and its a pretty funny old tune.

In other news those of you at the 'SLYFLY TAKEOVER' on friday fucking killed it! What a great night, big up to all the dj's LEGO, BUCK ONE, BANGATANG & MYSTERY and FILED UNDER:K who all smashed it! 

Sunday, June 7, 2009

This looks good

Cable is a new club in Bermondsey Street tunnel at London Bridge. This line up is sick. Club looks good. Tickets are expensive - £12.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sickest Party On ROAD!!!!!!!!!!

So in a couple weeks its our man Kissy Sell Out's birthday and being the busy boy that he is he needed some help to throw a little shindig.

Me and fellow Sly Fly MoFo Danny B thought we would lend a hand at organising a pretty banging party and after weeks and weeks of organising and wanting to tell the world about it we can finally announce what i think you'll agree is probably the best line up london has seen all year!


Not only is that line up something that wet dreams are made of, theres even more things in store to make this night the best ever.... Free booze did i hear you ask? FUCK YES

Oh and this isnt some huge super club either, 250 capacity venue means this is gonna be one tiny, intimate and rawcus little rave!

How much is another question i hear you ask? FREE of course!

You cant order tickets for an event like this, oh no. As you'll see when you head down to Kissy Sell Out's Myspace you have to earn the chance to be at such a sick event.

You can only come in the door if you bring something thats gonna make this party even better.

All i can say is you wanna be at this fucking party so get your self down to the myspace and check out the wishlist

To whet you whistle we have posted some dirty tracks from some of the artists playing.....

Sly FLy Takeover TOMORROW - KOKO LONDON 5th june - COME DOWN

come and check ........... leave a comment on this post if you wanna come 4 pound and i will add you to the GL

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monday, June 1, 2009

Roll Up, Roll up!! Get some dubstep

Click here to download:
Peverelist - Roll With the Punches
not the most banging but this tune at bout 3:17mins, OhMY!

People, People, People Please Check This...

Why Not? (Dubstep Festival)

Shy FX (Dubstep Set) / N-Type / Caspa / Youngsta / Chef / Alexander Nut / Appleblim / Quest / Crises / Benny Page / Zero G / Ramadanman / Others / Plastician / Ikonika / Jay 5ive / Dusk + Blackdown / Headhunter / Oneman / Brackles / Pangaea / Stamina / Crazy D / Pokes / Flo Dan / Rod Azlan / Horsepower / El-B / Oris Jay / Martin larner / Scientist

Get Tickets: