Monday, June 22, 2009

6 months on....

Mess tastic!

So friday was a bit fun! We managed to drink the bar dry in record time and lets be honest, no matter how cool everyone was trying to act there was no denying how dirty the beats were when we all ended up dancing on table's before midnight! 

Some filthy sets from Herve, Jack Beat's, Kissy Sell Out Vs. Eddy Temple Morris. A1 Bassline played some new tunes out that were truly BANGING! I need to get some of those tunes!

So seeing as friday was our 6 month anniversary I thought it would be fitting (and lazy) to repost some mixes we included in our first post....

First off - One of Sly Fly's less vocal members, OTTO VON BIGBIRD. Prefers to keep himself to himself but if your ever partying with us he always seems to end up behind the decks playing some filthy minimal at 6 in the morning 


1. At Night – Dave Spoon
2. Azora – Josh Gabriel
3. Revox – Tim Green
4. Pyramid – John Dahlback
5. Mandarine Girl – Booka Shade
6. Girls – Style Of Eye
7. Bad – Mowgli
8. Deep Throat – Claude Von Stroke
9. Repetition Kills You – Black Ghosts (Laidback Luke remix)
10. Who’s Afraid of Detroit – Claude Von Stroke (Stanton Warriors remix)
11. Township Funk – Sinden rework
12. Wheres My Money - TC (Caspa remix)

Heres another one from the first post. Towards the end of last year i went through a bit of an Electro House love in and made a mix of my fave tunes from 2008 for an epic new years set -


1. Under Control- Adam Freeland (Miles Dyson remix)
2. Clap - Wolfgang Gartner
3. Wildcard - Wolfgang Gartner
4. Ghost 'n' Stuff - Deadmau5
5. Fuck Up - Bass Kleph
6. Buzz Me - Felguk
7. Harder, Faster - Deadmau5
8. Anthem - Miles Dyson (Felguk remix)
9. Get Off - Miles Dyson
10. Super Freak - Egor Boss (Miles Dyson remix)
11. 3 Little Words - Frankmusik (A1 Bassline remix)
12. Wheres Your Head At - Klass remix
13. Mercury - Bloc Party (Herve remix)
14. Rock On - Dj Tom
15. Lover Lover - Tommy Trash16. Dancing At Strangers - Miles Dyson

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