Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So not sure how many of you have heard the new Faithless album 'The Dance'. Faithless were a band that really hit the spot when I was younger, their trance-house anthems were perfectly accompanied by Maxi Jazz's unique vocals.

When the new album landed on my desk a few months back I was pretty excited, really wanted to hear what the legends were up to now, specially as they were no longer signed to a major label and had some freedom.

What I found was a mixed album, some really great and forward thinking tracks followed by some more standard and obvious offerings. But we wont focus on the negatives and below is my favorite track off the album.....

Comin' Around, featuring vocals from Dougy from The Temper Trap, is the kind of tune that made me fall in love with Faithless all those year ago, flowing minimal basslines with atmospheric pads and vocals

Faithless - Comin Around by kisstiger

As a little bonus here's a mashup mini-mix of the latest Faithless album by Sister Bliss

The Dance minimix by Sister Bliss - Faithless by [PIAS] Recordings


  1. Mike,

    Good choice on song of the album, has to be my favourite too, and loved the Sister Bliss remix too, but don't you think faithless have lost something? I dont hear any mystery or darkness from them anymore. It's a shame. :(

  2. Yeah i know what your saying. Its a different album, definitely not their best.

    At the end of the day ill always remember them the way they were and any new tunes they write that are good are just a bonus!