Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Subby Wobble

Going through my CD case the other night I remembered a couple of tunes I used to LOOOOVVEEE a bit too much a year or 2 back. 

Couldn't find Nifty on the blogs anywhere so had to buy it but wow is it worth it! What a fucking noise that is through a good sound system

Raven was another huge tune that I loved too much. Wasnt really that impressed with Proxy when I saw him at Gatecrasher last year but this tune is timeless

Download them both here -

Proxy - Raven

We'd also like to introduce you to our newest blogger, Rickstein! 

The slyfly photographer is now gonna start posting some bangers.....Unfortunately he doesnt understand how to do all the coding for posting tunes so you gonna have to be proactive and find the tunes he posts.

He's gonna use Youtube as his player, we all cant wait for this haha 

Mike x   

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