Friday, July 31, 2009

little mix for the weekend

Editors note : No Picture Uploaded by Jo - Jo is on the far left incase you didnt know ;)

done a little mix bout half an hour, there are some fuck up but i cant be arsed to do it again. so yeah, have a good weekend.........

downloadme - jomix - benga - joker
crunked.up - benga - distance [skream remix]
blue.notez - mala
mind&soul - d1
blue.notez - mala - adam freeland [joker remix]
cold.rocker - george lenton
dont.stop - itchy robot
b4.the.dual - benga
alright - magnetic man
loose.synths - benga
so.many.faces von d [vip]

round.round - hi-tek feat. jonell [so solid remix] [sentimental things] - so solid - sia [wookie remix]

also dan put a youtube video of a Silkie tune below, if you want it you can from here - Silkie - I Sed

have a good one.

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