Thursday, April 16, 2009

Filed Under K

Self confessed 'bush-rat' Filed Under K has been making dirty beats for as long as I've known him. I have begged and bribed him to let me post some of his tracks but he has ignored my plea untill now!

We havent posted any D&B on here before but theres a first time for everything and if anyones gonna pop our cherry its gotta be FU:K!

Check his myspace for upcoming live dirtyness and hopefully he'll listen to me and record us a mix as this boy really knows how to bring the pain

I interviewed the fuker last year check out his responses below....

Hi filedunder:k, how are you and where are you?
FU:K-  I'm well, enjoying the sunshine, hiding in The Bush. The proper Bush!

Can you tell me a bit about what you do?

FU:K- When at home I usually create drum and bass, often what would be categorized as jump-up with hint of dub and some techy seasonings. I've been known to make a bootleg or two and sometimes when I get bored I'll see how much wrong noise I can make in the space of an hour.
On the DJ scene I prefer to play banger after banger. No bullshit, no filler. Big and nasty!
What are your influences and musical background?

FU:K- As a teen I loved rock and metal, music with balls and attitude I guess. Then through studying music a bit I took a liking to all sorts of different music like jazz, techno and other types of dance music. Eventually through the wonders of jungle and certain vegetation I found a great love for reggae music. I like a lot of music, especially if it gets my knees up and my head nodding.
What are your feelings about the current state of drum and bass and dance music as a whole?

FU:K- Like most types of art form's it's evolving and cross breeding. Forever modernizing and refreshing itself with advances in technology and culture. Drum and bass has so many sub genres now, I'm pretty sure there's something for everyone willing to get their b-crease on the move.
Were pendulum a good or bad thing for drum and bass?
FU:K- Definitely! They introduced a fresh and well produced package of drum and bass to the scene, to the jungle veterans and to the newcomers of the dancefloors. Although I think they may have taken a more financially clever route by following the rock path, as that seems to be what their new fans like about their music the most. A lot of DnB heads may feel a bit sour about that.
Personally I prefer it when they don't go for the pop song structure in their music but I'd still call myself a fan.
Is London a healthy place to be a musician? 

FU:K- Any major city is a great place for musicians and for anyone who is serious about music. It's a larger boiling pot for different cultures to mix and be influenced by each other. I love London, it's my home and hopefully always will be.
Where are your favorite places to go in London?
FU:K- Shepherd's Bush Green, Uxbridge Road is always nice for a stroll, a lot of interesting nutters down this way. But then you can say that about a lot places, but these nutters are my nutters, there's gotta be some sort of mental bond going on.

Where are your favorite clubs?

FU:K- When I started raving I'd always hit Fabric. It's big, loud and pretty, I still go there and I still enjoy it. For something local I might go to Ginglik down on Bush Green. Small and intimate, friendly and usually playing good tunes.
For a good party there's a lot going on in Hackney and Shoreditch. Although I find that the trendy places lack the unity that you'd find in a grimey drum and bass party in a warehouse or any miscellaneous squat. 
What tracks and artists should we be looking out for in the future?
FU:K- When browsing for new music names such as DJ Hazard, Xample, Benny Page, Future Prophecies, Noisia, Drumsound and Simon Bassline Smith usually catch my eye. Also anything with Spyda, TopCat or Cutty Ranks in it is bound to be a winner. But then sometimes it's the names you've never heard before that give my neighbours a headache.

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