Friday, April 3, 2009

Get Darker TV4

Pic By Ricky Mundo (slyfly)

Now boys and girls this 4HOUR long live video set is full of some amazing tunes

standing out of this 4 hours for me are 3 artists

Synkro- with his dub, ambient, 2-step vibes running with the z-audio crew him and Indigo smashed it with a back to back set
check it

Indigo - both these boys really banging out tunes trying to move away for the more woobly base beats that a lot of people are doing right now these boys really do it big so listen


Nero - really doing it big with his latest remix of the streets blinded by the lights that got a shout out on skreams radio show last week. mixing it up with dnb and dubstep this boy has mad talent and we will be seeing much more of him

GetDarkerTV4 - Synkro/Indigo/Nero

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