Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Postal Service

Some of you might be a little confused, The Postal Service is a little leftfield compared to most of the music on this blog but bear with us for a second.

As far as my youth goes The Postal Service were as big an influence to me as those hours spent in raves or days spent listening to dance music at home. Their album 'Give Up' (I implore you all to get that album! SERIOUSLY) accompanied me through many an evening chilling out with my mates.

The intricacies of the production meant that one night, with the aid of a substantial amount of draw, me and a friend listened to the whole album back to back 26 TIMES!

Still a cult classic, anyone that knows this band loves them and I have been searching for years to try and find a remix that I could suitably drop in a set. Unfortunately most of their songs are at a very high BMP. Untill today when I stumbled across the below remix.

Im so jealous of any dubstep Dj that has the opportunity to drop this in a club as, although weak in the bassline dept (anyone with an ounce of music production knowledge will easily fix that) its bound to get the music lovers in the crowd going mental.   

Ch-ch-check it


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