Monday, January 11, 2010

An education in breaks

Now im sure your all very well educated folk when it comes to music but just incase you were locked away in a basement by your weird and twisted uncle Fritzel for the last couple years im here to teach you a valuable lesson in Breakbeat.

The Freestylers were a massive part of my life growing up, as was the whole breakbeat scene. This mix from the 'stylers has some of the best breakbeat tracks in and gets the old memories of the stairways at Fabric flowing back

Check it

Tracklisting (all tracks produced by The Freestylers)

1. B Boy Stance
2. Here We Go
3. Hold Up Your Hands
4. Dogs N Sledgez
5. Breaker Beats 1
6. Drop The Boom
7. Don't Stop
8. Ruffneck
9. Jump N Twist
10. Punks
11. Now Is The Time
12. Push Up
13. Blowin Ya Brainz
14. Dancehall Vibes
15. Get A Life
16. Fasten Your Seatbelts
17. Warning
18. Painkiller

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