Monday, January 19, 2009

Hello and Welcome!!!!!

Sly Fly Family

Presents for all....

Welcome to Sly Fly. We are a bunch of people who love alot of things, we are gonna put as many of those things we love up here!

We are gonna start with something we all love to do of an evening..... Dance to some filthy beats!

Our family has some amazing and talented members; art, photography, music, design, creation and white gloving and included.

Im Mike, you will meet all the others later. i fucking love music and especially dirty dirty electro beats. To help me with my addiction to finding and playing such tunes i had a little go at djing. Made some mixtapes for our early sly fly parties and we all got down and dirty to them.

At the end of 2008 i got together with Otto Von Bigbird (another dj in the sly fly crew) and we put together our difinitave mix for 2008. The songs we loved from the year and some songs from years before that have been pivitol in the good times had by all in 2008.

Check em out, click the links below to download...

Hype hype

Otto Von Bigbird - Mix 2008


1. At Night – Dave Spoon
2. Azora – Josh Gabriel
3. Revox – Tim Green
4. Pyramid – John Dahlback
5. Mandarine Girl – Booka Shade
6. Girls – Style Of Eye
7. Bad – Mowgli
8. Deep Throat – Claude Von Stroke
9. Repetition Kills You – Black Ghosts (Laidback Luke remix)
10. Who’s Afraid of Detroit – Claude Von Stroke (Stanton Warriors remix)
11. Township Funk – Sinden rework
12. Wheres My Money - TC (Caspa remix)

Mike Kruger - Mix 2008


1. Under Control- Adam Freeland (Miles Dyson remix)
2. Clap - Wolfgang Gartner
3. Wildcard - Wolfgang Gartner
4. Ghost 'n' Stuff - Deadmau5
5. Fuck Up - Bass Kleph
6. Buzz Me - Felguk
7. Harder, Faster - Deadmau5
8. Anthem - Miles Dyson (Felguk remix)
9. Get Off - Miles Dyson
10. Super Freak - Egor Boss (Miles Dyson remix)
11. 3 Little Words - Frankmusik (A1 Bassline remix)
12. Wheres Your Head At - Klass remix
13. Mercury - Bloc Party (Herve remix)
14. Rock On - Dj Tom
15. Lover Lover - Tommy Trash16. Dancing At Strangers - Miles Dyson

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